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Sick of a being told when to clock in , take a vacation , when you can take off for being sick ,  working on someone else’s terms , Looking at your child’s picture from a desk for 8, 9 , 10 or more hours a day ? TRUST me , a molded plastic phone is nothing like being there in person , to hold them while you tell them goodnight ! 

 I provide the tools & products that you can promote ,   so you can make money online if you choose to do so . 

 Affiliate marketing is the way to go if you are wanting to work from home ,
especially if you are a single or stay at home parent .
You need no product , no customer support or anything in that fashion , you simply “promote it and keep the profits “.
I am  promoting these products to help give you FREEDOM “Time , Location and Money Freedom “.   
My goal is help you by educating you on my blog and online marketing tools & strategies , last but by far not least achieving the success mindset .

I do accept some guest writers as long as the content is in the money making niche .

I have met , ate dinner , had  VIP lunch and learned from them ,…. and much more with those that have .  In fact my friend has made over 1.6 million in 2017 alone ,  and others that are cresting the 7 figures a year mark , in less than 2 years .

I have payed close attention to every detail , and taken every step necessary , and swiftly as possible , regardless of the outcome . Like mine , your progress may be slow , but DO NOT … walk away from the table !  Stick and Stay , till you get your Pay !  

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Because i am a student , ALWAYS !

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About Me

After my divorce,   i went through a deep depression that left me empty in more ways than one .   I had no choice but to get up and start working again but i wanted to be doing something that would allow me to see my children more , because they are my reason to go on .

Being an owner /operator in the trucking industry was all i had ever really done but i wanted to do something different , so i did . Something that had the power to give me ” Time , Location and Money FREEDOM ” !

While searching for several years and trying every opportunity that came my way , I began to think and  wonder if that online stuff works . After alot of research and some trial and error i now can say it does .



NO !

As we go through life we see  (in time usually ) that we are or have committed  to more than we are capable of , then become so over whelmed we have a major mental and physiological breakdown.  We shut down completely , do not talk , clam up , become depressed and not responsive to …

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